How to make a Website


Step 1 – You Need a Domain Name for a Website: You need a domain name to start a online website. A domain name gives trade name to the individuals to remember the URL. You can take it at the just Rs 99 for “.in” extension and 500 Rs a year for “.com” URL should easy to remember and easy to spell that everyone can locate easily.


Step 2 – Web Hosting & emails:

Hosting for the website is the location where we set website and web content, so the second thing you need is a web hosting. You may choose one out of several types of Web hosting options Shared Hosting, Virtual, Dedicated Most of the time new customers who want to launch their website attracted to free Web hosting without having familiarity of drawback to free hosting. You don’t get enough space and bandwidth to run web site properly. At the same time when you take web hosting you get email hosting at your domain name to promote your brand name individuality.


Step 3 – Graph Your Website:  After getting domain and web hosting, you can plan on your website design: You may opt out of two options one is static website and another one is CMS If your website doesn’t need to update frequently then static website is a good choice, and If you have products or information which you plan to change time to time then CMS will be the best option. Linking of the pages navigation should be user friendly because it gives information of your website. Website content should be unique if its not then the representation can be unique. A basic feedback form should be there with few required fields to collect the information of the visitors where visitor can drop about their requirements on your product.


Step 4: Time to Live Your Website: Now your website is ready to live.


Step 5 – Promote Your Website: After making live your online identity you need to promote because it’s a competitive market, easiest way to promote is called SEO, other ways are email marketing, advertising on high ranks website and portals like google, yahoo, etc.